'Discovery Group' at St Martin's

Monday 18th March at 2.30pm

'Namibia and Botswana Odyssey'


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Most of us harbour a variety of desires including for some the desire to travel, for others the desire is to learn more about the world around us, be that locally, nationally or worldwide.

At St Martin's Discovery Group we strive to fulfill some of those desires with a series of illustrated talks covering a wide range of subjects and venues.   We meet around 8 times a year, both in the afternoon, for those who are unable to attend later in the day and  in the evening.   The group first met late in 2013 and since then places visited have included

The North and South Islands of New Zealand

The Rift Valley and Addis Ababa

Barcelona and other places where Antoni Gaudi's modernist architecture can be found

Brownsea Island

Vietnam and the Far East

We have learnt about the work of the Dorset Wildlife Trust and explored

'The Treasures of Dorset'

We have also been 'Around the World in Music and Pictures', visiting Iceland, New York, St Petersburg and other exciting venues,

and enjoyed some 'Magical Mediterranean Moments', the 'Music of Salzburg' and 'Vienna, The Waltz City'

You don't have to be a member to come to the talks, everyone is welcome, just turn up at the door.  We charge only £3 per meeting and this includes tea of coffee.


2019 Spring Programme

Monday 18th March at 2.30pm

'Namibia and Botswana Odyssey'

Whether you are interested in travel, the wide variety of African wildlife or the history and unique scenery of these two countries you will not want to miss this presentation which Christopher Legrand describes as his most exciting talk yet.


If you would like to receive an email copy of the programme please click here

You will always find a warm welcome at St Martin's.