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 Whilst our local church buildings are temporarily unavailable for prayer and worship

we welcome you to this page where we will post devotional information


You can subscribe (no cost) to the URC Sunday Service Podcast - Click here

Every Sunday  the URC  put out a radio-style / podcast service with hymns, readings, prayers and a sermon at 10am.

 The Sunday Service email will contain an order of service and words for you to sing along with the hymns.

There will also be additional services during Holy Week.


An Easter message from our Minister Rev'd James Whately

Dear friends,

This may be an Easter like no other in our lifetime, yet this is still Easter Day and with it comes the amazing news that turns the world around ‘Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

Though uncertainty and worry is the mark of these days; the news of the empty tomb and of the Resurrection continues to change the shadows of life into the light of life. We remember today, not only the fulfilling of the promise of Jesus to his disciples and followers; we acknowledge the presence of the Light of the World in our world today. The news that we celebrate this Easter day is that the hold of fear and dread and death over us is unlocked; the future is no longer constrained by a fractured and broken humanity, but is given new liberty and life, held and shaped by God. The God who loves us so much he gives up everything, that we may not just live, but live to the best we can be, the best we are created by God to be.

This Easter day, may the news that Jesus is alive and risen bring you comfort and hope and joy. May you see and know today, something of this transforming love of God in the ‘little Easter’ moments that occur in our lives, moments and events that point beyond the empty tomb to the seriously surprising encounter with the risen Jesus and his invitation ‘come and meet me, and live each day in my company.’

This Easter Day may the news of Jesus Resurrection fill you with joy and hope and confidence for the days ahead. That the future is secure in our Saviour’s hands and we may live the truth of this amazing promise of God. Alleluia! He is Risen indeed!


 A video Easter Sunday service has been produced and will go ‘live’ on the Verwood URC YouTube channel at 10.45am. Many thanks to all who have taken part in the service and especially to Dean Kelly who has mixed, edited and produced it. The YouTube link is:

The audio URC Daily Devotions Easter Service is available on the ‘’ website. This nation-wide service will include an act of shared communion – you just need to bring your own bread and wine.

In addition, there are a number of Easter services or devotional programmes in the television and radio broadcast schedules over this weekend. Though we cannot be together, may these be a help and encouragement to us all.

May you have a truly happy and blessed Easter.




Prayers for this difficult time

In the new patterns of life around us,

The Lord says 'I am with you'.

In the uncertainties that tomorrow will bring, The Lord says 'I am with you'.

In the repeating routines of this day,

The Lord says 'I am with you'.

In the maze of ever changing directions, The Lord says 'I am with you'.

Lord God of all, in this new reality,

breathe your peace into the shadows of our anxiety.

In the clock-stopping moments of wakefulness, may we take our timing from the heartbeat of your love.

Guide our dreams for a future,

to become your Kingdom living reality for all each day.

Guard us this night, in the power of your peace, Give us rest, in the depths of your love, Meet us in the dawning light of your new Day.

In the Saviour’s name.


Rev'd James Whately, URC Minister at Parkstone, Verwood and St Martin's West Moors


As so much is re-shaped by Coronavirus Covid-19,
  let us pray with people left unwell, beckoned by death or bereaved;
  people providing professional health care and advice, looking after loved ones at home or working to create treatments and cures;
  people shaping the response of nations and neighbourhoods, of commerce and industry, of service and voluntary organisations and of communities of faith;
  people who are anxious or afraid, alone or isolated.
Living, loving God,
we praise you,
and through times of peril we lean into you,
for in Jesus Christ you have trodden paths as difficult as ours,
revealing there a love that nothing defeats, 
a love that bears us through.
Even as we strive to behave responsibly,
and to care reliably,
so we feel after you  that in these uncertain times we might trust you are with us, 
our refuge and strength, and our faith, hope and love might be renewed,
through Jesus Christ,

Prayer written by the Moderators to General Assembly, the Revd Nigel Uden and Mr Derek Estill.
Loving Christ,
as we stand, watching,
dwell with us in our suffering,
hold us when we are overcome and find no hope,
inspire us to stand as friends, with all who suffer,
and fill us again, with the joy of your ever-shining light.

Prayer written by The Rev’d Martin Knight is minister of St Paul’s URC, South Croydon and South Croydon United Church (Methodist/URC).

Other resources that you may find comforting

If you would like to listen to a service delivered on-line visit

HomeFM  Your Bournemouth based Christian Radio Station  (90.1FM)   Best listened to on the internet as FM reception is extremely limited in West Moors and Verwood. You can 'listen live' or 'listen again' to the podcasts of programmes.  You can hear a recording of the St Martin's Community Gospel Choir singing in the studio on Blair Crawford's Breakfast Programme on Thursday March 5th.  (See Blair's message below)

A few well known hymns of faith you can join in with 

Our first on-line Community Sing-a-long is now on line at

Sing-a-long with 'Hallelujah' (Francesco Iannuzzo)  Click here      (Copyright St Martin's Gospel Choir)

 Forest FM (92.3 FM) run a short Community Sing-a-long item every Tuesday  and Thursday  around 11.30am

Hope FM (90.1FM) are doing a Community Sing-a-long every Monday and Tuesday around 9.15am. Words are online at and you can listen on the internet at as the FM signal is not good in West Moors