Welcome to Verwood

United Reformed Church

Manor Road, next to the Library, between Ferrett Green and the Post Office 

email: verwood@urc-eastdorset.org.uk

“To know Jesus better and to make him better known”



We are here for you – whoever you are!

 Our main Sunday Worship is at 10.45am when all ages are very welcome.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday each month and at major Festivals.



 You can sign up to receive Daily Devotions  and Sunday Services from the United Reformed Church by going to http://devotions.urc.org.uk/


Now in the third month of 'Coronavirus Lockdown', albeit in a 'slightly relaxed' phase, what seemed a temporary change a few weeks ago, is now feeling much more permanent.  With this 'permanence', comes a sense of uncertainly about how things will be for our life as a local church for the foreseeable future.  It is clear that there is not going to be a rapid return to our 'pre-Covid' worship and activities, at least not for many months.  Though we, like many churches, have tried to adapt and adopt technology and communications to keep in contact, to join in worship and to offer help and hope to the community, this does not yet feel 'normal'.

In the pastorate there are some amazing pieces of work being sustained by churches.  Here in Verwood, the Foodbank is meeting a significant increase in demands for help from those who are in need in the local community.


May you keep safe and well through these days and know the presence and love of God in Jesus Christ is with you.

James R Whately


Lord, when we feel lost, remind us of those who have lost everything;

when we know pain, take us to those who are hurting unbearably;

and when we struggle to stay connected, sit alongside those who have nowhere to call home.

Be with us all, Lord God, in your mercy and grace.


(c) Stephen Best - URC Prayer Handbook 2020)  



Lord God,

In the course of these uncertain days we turn to you,

for we are navigating unfailiar waters.

Be close to us, that we may make, by your directing,

safe passage through the rapids and shallows of life

and enter the harbour of your realm and in the company of all creation,

berth alongside in the haven of your Kingdom.

(c) James Whately



We are a Fair Trade Church If you live in the Verwood area you can order Traidcraft items through us by email to dorothy.macro@dandjm.plus.com.

More information available at http://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk



Our regular Sunday Worship in the church building is at present not taking place due to the 'Coronavirus Lockdown', but you can join us and other United Reformed Churches as we worship together on Sundays at 10am online. Visit http://devotions.urc.org.uk/ to sign up to receive the Sunday services and daily devotions.


We also now have our own YouTube channel with short video services, please copy this link to your browser.



  Our Minister

Revd James Whately  tel. 01202 813908;  mob.  07936902554;    email:  revjames.w8@gmail.com

Church Secretary is Carolyn Johannesen (mobile no. 07541008486)

Church Treasurer is Chris Lyndon,  (mobile no.  07789834520)  

Our email address is verwood@urc-eastdorset.org.uk . If you would like to receive our weekly emails please send us an email and we shall be happy to add you to the circulation list.

Enquiries  about hiring the hall – please phone Chris on 01202 821633




 A little history….

Ours was the first Church in Verwood, founded in 1802 when some fearless missionaries came from Ringwood hoping to tame and convert the wild heathen on the heath! We were joined over the years by other Churches with whom we have an excellent relationship in Churches Together in Verwood. Our present building dates from 1906 with major improvements in 2000. The previous building is next to us; after the new Church was built it became the local school and is now the Library. We were originally known as an Independent Church, later Congregational and since 1972 a United Reformed Church which also includes Presbyterian and Church of Christ traditions.  The United Reformed Church is a Protestant Christian church in the United Kingdom.  It has approximately 46,500 members in 1,383 congregations with 608 active ministers, including 13 church related community workers.